PREMIUM ROSE 40cm – RoseGold


Gold-plated natural roses – The Exclusive gift from Degussa.


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Our premium roses gilded with pure gold are unique and will continue to surprise; perfect as a gift or simply to fall in love with yourself.

Each rose is unique and is made by hand in a painstaking process. The starting point of the manufacturing process are real roses which are first copper- and nickel plated. This gives the rose stability but the natural shape is retained.

All of the organic material is removed during the process.

Finally, the rose is gilded in a galvanising process. (Pure gold layer)

This is how truly individual and exclusive pieces are made with plenty of craftsmanship and know-how, which are second to none. The rose is delivered in a suitable gift box. We offer the roses in lengths of 30 and 40cm. You can choose between the gold and silver-rhodium versions.

The roses are made entirely in Germany.

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Country of origin Germany
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